Jack & Jill competitions allow individuals to enter without a partner and to demonstrate dancingskills with different partners.  Leaders and followers are randomly paired.

There will be several partner changes during the preliminary rounds.


Competitors are scored individually. Those with the highest scores will be called back to dance finals.

In the final, individuals are randomly paired, then scored as a couple. 


* You can only enter 1 division of Jack & Jill


* The event reserves the right to cancel any division if not enough dancers are registered to the division.


* If a dancer is asked to dance more than once in the final (due to gender balancing), the points for the highest placement only will be awarded by the WSDC.

* Petition will be available at the registrationdesk.


* The dancers are responsible to know the rules before competing. Please review the WSDC Point Registry and Rules before competing. 


You register for the competition at the same time as you register for the event, but must confirm this at the venue in order to pick up the BIB number.

NOK 150,-

Strictly Swing

We offer Strictly Swing Competitions for Novice and Open division. The Strictly Swing Competitions are designed to present a competitor's social danceskills with a chosen partner.


*  Competitors enter as a couple.
*  All dancing is to be lead/follow. 
*  No routines, lifts or aerials.
*  Breakaways and drops are permitted.
*  No costumes, but matching outfits is allowed.

100 NOK per person/200 NOK per couple