• Choose your level based on the description below- competition and points is just an easy way for us to put people in the right level before they arrive. If you have not competed before your level will most probably be 2 or 3, and you can audition for level 4 and 5.

  • Please note that we may remove/add one of the groups, which means that you might end up in another group.

  • Competition points are required for level 4 and 5. We will check the points for all registered for these levels.. As a dancer you might be qualified for these levels without competition points however you cannot pre-register for it- but can audition to get in to one of the higher levels. 

  • If the waitinglist is long or the classes are full, we will offer those on the waitinglist a party pass, so everyone can attend the event.



This level fits those who have taken at least one beginnerclass. You know the basic rythm of double and triple steps, and want to learn more patterns.


You are hooked on this dance! You know the basics well and go to weekly classes. You know many patterns and variations, but want to add more, and with better technique and styling. You might have tried competitions but don`t have any WSDC points yet.


You are not afraid of any tempos and can socialdance with any levels without problems. You are seeking to develop your own style and learn more technique. You have competed before and have novice WSDC points.

Level 5

West Coast Swing is your dance! You live & breathe for connection and stretch. You are competing in Intermediate or above.

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