• We do auditions for the levels when you arrive at the event because we are firm believers of learning among those on the same level as yourself will give you the best learning experience! For now we ask you to choose your level based on the description below- competition and points is just an easy way for us to put people in the right level before they arrive. If you have not competed before your level will most probably be 2 or 3.

  • All 4 main groups (level 2-5) will meet all our professional teachers. Please note that we will remove one of the groups if there is not enough people registered, which means that you might end up in another group.

  • Competition points are required for level 4 and 5. We will check the points for all registered for these levels.. As a dancer you might be qualified for these levels without competition points however you cannot pre-register for it- but can audition to get in to one of the higher levels. 

  • Note that the Maxime & Torri Intensive is a seperate workshop, and is not included in the eventpass.

  • If the waitinglist is long or the classes are full, we will offer those on the waitinglist a party pass, so everyone can attend the event.

Maxime & Torri Intensive

In this 3 hour intensive, Maxime & Torri will be going over some in depth swing technique and variations focusing on footwork, timing, rythm control and musicality. This workshop is suitable for Novice and above! Come join them for a fun, but informative 3 hours!